Saturday, 5 September 2009


I dug up the rest of our potatoes today, it was back breaking work as the ground is very wet and heavy but it is very rewarding to pick the potatoes out of the earth, it is like dipping into a lucky bag. We have eaten our earlies and just finishing some Anya potatoes the earlies were blight free, the Anya's have slight blight so won't store. In the picture top row left are Desiree potatoes a main crop and blight free, next to them are Doon Pearl a second early also blight free. In the middle row right are Yukon Gold delicious yellow fleshed potatoes also blight free. Below them are Mayan Gold very similar but they have a bit of blight so will have to be used first. Next to them are two trays of King Edwards, my favorite potatoe for roasting, one row had blight, one didn't both planted at the same time, same conditions. None of our potatoes have had scab and few eel worms. I was told sometime ago to put leaf mould in the bottom of the trench when planting, this is the second year I have done this maybe that is the solution.